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Ken Locke Stadium 2009 Update

This past year has been a very productive one with the Stadium. We would like all of you to know how very grateful we are for your support both monetary and with words of encouragement. You should all be very proud of everything that has been accomplished thus far.

To view pictures of the renovations, visit the Albums page.

As of September 2009, the following improvements have been made:

  • All seats on the home side have been tuck pointed and new seating caps. We dug out behind the seats to put in gravel for drainage, lowered the elevation so the seats sit up high and put in new sod. All new seat caps also have drainage holes.

  • The old swimming pool building has been all tuck pointed, new roof (by the School). The front the building has been put back to its original look with the overhead door that was there being bricked in, two new windows and a new door.

  • The decorative spires, which were originally around the top of the building, were all missing but one. We had that one recast and made all new ones for around the top. This really restored the look of the building!

  • Out front of the pool building we had the walls rebuilt that were there originally. (Remember sitting on those?) These are the “walls of pride” and many have purchased bricks to help restore them. They are beautiful!

  • The real pride and joy is the old concession stand that sits under the scoreboard. This building was in a terrible state of repair and has been totally redone with a new roof and new steel beams, new floor, all new wiring, new small stone walls out front with a concrete pad, new windows of heavy mesh for proper ventilation with shutter to close, new door, the entire building was tuck pointed with all decorative stone work around the top replaced.

  • In cooperation with the Activities Director we applied to win a new scoreboard which we Are very proud to say we received. It looks amazing. It was moved back closer to the fencing off of the roof of the building to avoid further stress on the stonework. To cover the back of the scoreboard, which is highly visible from Robinson Street, we had a large black and gold sign made which reads ”Historic Ken Locke Stadium, Est. in 1938” and also included two Alumni logos.

In addition to the work that was done in 2009, the following renovation were made in 2008 in cooperation with the school district:

  • The entrance stairs on both sides were torn out and replaced with new handrails.

  • The two observation decks on the visitors side were totally rebuilt and stonework replaced.

  • The entrance towers were totally renovated with new roofs, tuck pointing, windows were refurbished and made functional along with new glass, new glass block in the top windows, new wiring and doors. The south tower on the visitors side was totally lined with brick to stabilize it because it was leaning and in a weakened condition. We are once again using them to sell tickets!

  • The retaining wall at the northwest corner of the stadium by the Mother’s Pavilion was replaced with a good drainage system behind it. When an old mulberry tree needed to be torn down as a part of the project, we had it carved into a large Panther that overlooks the field! It’s AWESOME.

  • Outside the Stadium at the southwest corner we replaced the stairs with new handrails, rebuilt the stone retaining walls and installed a planter around the utility pole. This was a wonderful improvement to that entire corner!

It is our sincere hope that as you drive by this facility you will feel a sense of pride not only for what you have accomplished but the fact that we have preserved this property for future generations to enjoy as much as we did and continue to.

George Burns said” When you stop giving and offering something to the rest of the world, it’s time to turn out the lights.” Thanks to all of you, the lights will be on in Ken Locke Stadium for years to come!