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KAA Board Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes for October 3, 2012

President Mike Husted called the meeting to order on October 3, 2012 at the Library.
Present: Alonna Gass, Mike Husted, Dorothy Larson, Larry Rowley, Mike Dutton, Annette Grimes, Jackie Sharp, Brian Thomas, Linda Shinn.
Excused Candy Jerkins,Pennie Sommar and Dennis Goad.

Motion to approve September 4, 2012 was made, seconded and approved.

Student Liaison Report: Jeremy Rawlings was nominated to fulfill this position.

Treasurers Report: Alonna handed out treasurer’s reports for KAA and SOS.

AA Balance: $17, 565.30

Bills paid:
     $96.16 –Mike Husted Supplies
     $64.04- Candy Jerkins –Lights
     $127.97-Pella Engraving
     $461.60-Pizza Hut, Dinner
     $300.00-Iowa National Guard Rent-2012 Homecoming
     $150.00- Security Guard-Chris Wilson.

     $1,555.00 – Memberships
     $115.00 – Selling of SOS/Alumni Clothes
     $28.00 – Brick Donations (Class of 62)
     $900.00 – Class of 66 Scholarship
     $307.00 – Homecoming Lunch
     $874.00- Homcoming Dance Drinks
     $2160.00- Dance

Bills submitted
: $62.50 – Matt Geil at entrance gate of Armory

S0S Balance: $13,043.29

     $289.00 – collected from pop can redemptions
     $12.00 – OJH Bricks
     $14.13 – SOS Donations jars at dance.

Bills Submitted: $117.70 – McCall Monument Works

SOS Co-Chairs Pennie Sommar and Connie Husted have agreed to stay on to help with SOS projects.

Bryan Schlotterback thanked everyone for the donation for his participation in the Canadian Ironman triathlon. We enjoyed hearing about his experience.

Lifetime membership was won by Moe Wadle.

Old Business:
     1. Trash Receptacles liners were added.
     2. Brick removal from stadium is still to be done. Bod Edwards thought they could
     get Max Parks to take care of that.
     3. We need to have a SOS meeting in the future, time will stay the same.
     4. SOS park, Larry talked to Randy Wilson what concrete was there and about School paying for bleachers. Rusty Pearson will be on the committee to see About a 40x60 building at of cost of $50,000.00. Would name it SOS park and Have logo and history on it. We will vote on this at the next meeting.

Connie suggested that we get a list of volunteers to help with Alumni and Annette made a motion and Alonna seconded it to find ways to better get out information of Alumni. We talked about how to get younger alumni involved. We discussed ½ price cost to get in to the dance after the game. Also discussed a special table for the COURT. Might try to get Peace Tree involved with rootbeer. We also discussed how well the meeting went on Friday and that we liked having the Armory for the dance.

New Business: Election of officers was held, President Dennis Goad, Vice President Annette Grimes, Sec Linda Shinn and Treasurer Alonna Gass. We voted to have our meetings the 4th Wednesday of the month at 5:30pm at the library. Nov 28, 2012 is our next meeting. We talked about combining the test driving of the car with another event.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Larry and seconed by Mike.

Approved by: ________________________________________
Denny Goad, President, Knoxville Alumni Association

Approved by: ________________________________________
Linda Shinn, Secretary, Knoxville Alumni Association