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Memory Book

The Knoxville Alumni Association and the Save Our Stadium Committee are creating a book to sell for fun-raising purposes. The book will cover the building of the Knoxville athletic field in 1940, all the way up to the tragic death of Ken Locke—the stadium’s namesake—in a football game in 1965. While there are many facts and figures involved in this history, we are also interested in how you and your families were affected by the stadium and swimming pool complex, which were built during the years of the Great Depression.

Do you or your parents have memories of those days you would want to share with us, and maybe get them published in our book? And do you have old photos of you splashing in the pool, at a track meet or football game, in the Sadie Hawkins day parade, or as one of the Homecoming royalty at the stadium?

If you wish to remain anonymous, that’s fine. If not, we’d ask your permission to use a yearbook graduation photo to go along with your memories (or another photo, if you’d prefer).

All we need is 200 words or less. (That’s as long as the first three paragraphs of this note.) Tell us about your favorite memory involving the stadium or the pool. We would also welcome memories of the old reservoir, the ice house, painting the water tower, Pinkies’ Stadium drive-In, the A & W Root Beer stand, the Maid-Rite, The Ra-O-La and Knoxville Cafes, the Pioneer Drive-In Theater or merchants you or your family dealt with in the 1940s through 1965.

We can’t promise your memory will be published, but we’ll do our best to include as many as possible in the book. We reserve the right to edit for length and content and will get your approval if we do use it.

E-mail your memory (or Memories) to Greg Knowles or snail mail to:

KHS Class of 1964
2333 W. Labriego Dr.
Tucson, AZ 85741