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Class of 1974
looking for some of my class mates

Class of 1969

fred metcalf
Class of 1957
Appreciate this site

Jim Patterson
Class of 1972
Great site. Read that Rea Baker was looking for info on me. My e-mail address is

Cindy (Vroegh) Crawford
Class of 1976
Thank you for setting up this amazing website. As others have mentioned I have only been invited to one class reunion. I think a nice addition (perhaps I missed that page) to this website would be short bios of our classmates. Cindy

jeff dye
Class of 1976
hey all ok in tn

Denise Applegate
Class of 1995
Wondering if we are going to have a class reunion?

Roger Bates
Class of 2010
The class of 2010 is no where to be found on here, just thought I would point that out.

Jeff McKeever
Class of 1972
In memory of the special one with the face of an angel,the voyce of an angel,added to the many kind words and deeds Kim sent my way that still make all who knew her smile and look to the clouds even after all these years.As sad and as hard as it is, Kim is now,and forever will be, an angel herself,whose soulful,sweet voice amazes even the other angels.What a loss to any she touched.But Kim left her mark and the memory of her will live on and survive the ages.One thing is for certain,we will not she the likes of this angel walk this way again.Thanks,Kim

Class of 1958
This is a great web site to visit and it is well designed, user friendly, and developers and managers of this site deserver a "WELL DONE". I left Knoxville High in the middle of my junior year but have always been a part of the class of 1958 all my life; and especially in my heart. Someone was nice enough to include me in the class album photos, and that means an awful lot to me! Thank You!

Jeff Blanchard
Class of 1995
Curious to know if there will be a reunion for the Class of 1995 anytime soon

Mary Ellen Brown Goode
Class of 1962
Love viewing news and goings on. Thanks for sharing all news!

Brenda Cunningham Williams
Class of 1968 (Moved from Knoxville in 1966)
So gald I found this site to reconnect with folks. My how time does fly! Please include me in invitations to class reunions.

Maurice "Moe" Wadle
Class of 1960
I just want to duplicate my posting below to make sure that every reader sees my request for obituaries. We want an obituary for every deceased graduate of KHS or for anyone who attended KHS for a significant amount of time. Please look through all the class albums on the site and see if there is a missing obituary that you could provide. Perhaps you have a relative or family friend for which you can provide an obit or know who could provide us with an obit. If you do not actually have an obit but could write the equivalent of one for the site that would be great also. Your help is appreciated. Thank you and thanks so much to Ruby (Robuck) Dursky for all the hours she has contributed to maintaining this site.

Linda Rickabaugh
Class of 1965
Yes my sister found this and it shows that I graduated from Knoxville High School in 1965 , I was a freshman their but I did not graduate from this school I graduated from Hamilton Township near Columbus,Ohio my dad was in the service and we went over to France for 2 years and then to Ohio and then back to Tennessee I was wondering who put this picture in yearbook? Please get back with me. Linda Rickabaugh it is miss spelled in book.

Tim Faber
Class of 1967
Very nice website, thanks for creating and maintaining this link to the past. I enjoyed looking at the photos of classmates and friends from other classes as well. Knoxville will always have a special place in my heart, hope to visit at least once more before I leave this life.

Alan Larimer
Class of 1968
I was in the class of 68 but moved prior to graduation, Dad was a construction worker who helped build the Red Rock dam. I'm sure few people remember me, as with everywhere else I lived as a kid I wasn't in Knoxville very long. Served in Vietnam 1972, became a federal police officer, now retired. Sorry to see some of the class of 68 have passed away. Later, Al

greg fortune
Class of 1970
This is a great site. I loved seeing the class albums again. I miss everyone and am always proud to say I was born and raised in knoxville, it's a great town. I HOPE to get back there soon, but i've been saying that for 40 yrs now.

Tom Craft
Class of 1960
Great site, thanks to Ruby and anyone who may help her. Don't get back to Knoxville very often, but enjoy my time there when I do. Attended 50th reunion in 2010 and ahd one of the best times I've ever had.

jeff dye
Class of 1976
i went to knxville iowa schools from 70 to 76 class of 1976

Russ Tandy
Class of 1968
I just showed my 8 year old grandson my class of '68 high school photo. He saw the name under my picture but he laughed out loud and said " that's not you". Thanks for the site. It's really amazing how many are gone.

Deborah Goins
Class of 1941
I am the daughter of Marie Filliman Goins, class of 1941. My mother, Marie, passed away on January 24, 2012, here in Florida. I wanted to put her name in the website in the event someone would remember her. She, and my dad, James Goins, formerly of Knoxville Iowa, were great people and I know they both retained a connection to Knoxville and their youth.

Maurice "Moe" Wadle
Class of 1960
First, my profound thank you to Ruby (Robuck) Dursky, KHS '65, for all her prodigious hours of work on this site..(everyone study those class albums, too.) Second, I really, really enjoy the historic aspect of this site with the albums and I really, really love the Homecoming Alum party every year. Lastly, Ruby wants an obituary, or at least a thumb-nail biography of every deceased KHS graduate. So, please study all those class albums...older and newer to see if you have a deceased parent, family member or whomever for whom you can provide information Thanks to all the hard workers in Knoxville who are making all of this happen. Moe Wadle

Loretta Goering Rehder
Class of 1959
I would have graduated from KHS except, after going to school in Knoxville all my life, my folks moved us to CA in the middle of my sophomore year. I love this website as I can see old familiar faces. I was so happy to be able to look up my Mom and Grandma's graduation photos!!!!! WOW!!!!!!

John Schlepphorst
Class of 1971
Just attended our 40th class reunion and had a blast! We had people come in from all over the country. Washington, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Montana and more but it always amazes me why the people right there in our own community never show up. Too bad you missed seeing a lot of people asking about you and a great time. Thanks to the reunion organizers! Good job!

Class of 0000
I am formerly from Oskaloosa and have found Mike Reigle's Knoxville class ring. I have been searching for him so I can return it to him.

Cathy (Lang) DeVos
Class of 1971
Totally enjoyed our 40th Reunion! A big thanks to the Reunion Committee for making this possible!!!

Raymond Reed Solomon, dec'd
Class of 1956
In loving memory of Raymond Reed Solomon , class of 1956. He would have loved this site.

Michelle Rupprecht
Class of 1991
Was with the class of 1991, but moved before 11th grade. I saw on facebook the are taking down the Jr High I went to.

Thelma Thompson Braafhart
Class of l944
Oh, my goodness - I didn't know this existed but I am afraid I am a little old for it. The town tore down my old living space - the Fire Station. That place was history. Greetings too all of you wonderful people from Knoxville. Thelma

steve karr
Class of 1969
looking for carolyn ribonsin

Kyli Snyder
Class of 1998
Love this website..really neat to look back =) But also very sad for me..I went to Knoxville school from Kindergarten till 11th grade left my junior year and im not listed as alumni..really sad to me..i was always apart of Knoxville class of 98 all of my life =(

Jack Leaman
Class of 1950
After graduating as a Knoxville Panther in 1950 I attended ISU and graduated there in 1954 in Landscape Architecture / Planning... and after several years 'working in the real world' I returned to ISU and got a Masters in Community and Regional Planning and Urban Design... and after returning to 'the real world for both public and private positions in several states I am now 'home again' in Mason City, IA... and am now 'actively retired' doing design work on local and Iowa projects... please contact me if you wish to 'share' any other information... Jack

Renee (DuChene) Huggins
Class of 1975
Have fond memories of Knoxville -

Andrew Peck
Class of 1991
Great site.Cool finding some of my relatives high school photos.Noticed a few in memorium names are missing or have wrong graduation years.

Julie DeVries
Class of 1976
Looking back through the class pictures gave me a feww laughs and brought a lot of fun memory's

Cathy Courtney
Class of 1976
Great job keeping this up! Appreciate all the work you all do! Keep us updated on all the news!

Class of 1959
Love this website. Can't believe how many of my classmates have passed away. How sad. Its good to be able to keep up on the news.

sheila norton stone
Class of 1974
nice job you done,it is nice to keep in touch with your class mates and family that went to school there.and also keep up what going on there with the sports and around the town thanks sheila norton stone

Berniece Thornton
My Ely-Brobst-Kline and extended families were some of the first to live in Knoxville. I was there this summer for the 3rd time and again, very impressed with the kindness of your citizens and the look of your community and schools! Best wishes to you all. (My hometown here in Oregon is planning a high school reunion for anyone who ever attended there. It will be next summer and I can hardly wait.)

Kenneth E. King
Class of 1961
The class of 61 is establishing an endowment for KHS grad scholarships and invite alumni of all classes to participate.

Rob L. Lopez, Ph.D
Class of 1985 (unfortunately not K-ville
Would have graduated with classmates in 1985 had I not moved. Member of Coach Stults Cross Country teams. Great Experiences. Now President & Chief Counsel at a PR Firm based in Los Angeles. News of events in Knoxville prodigious. Would welcome any contact from former 1985 classmates at aforementioned email.

Samantha Miller
Class of 2003
This site is amazing!

Steve Edwards
Class of 1969
Fine job on the web site. Who maintains it? On another note, I am constantly amazed that every time I see photos of improvements being made in Knoxville I see my Uncle Bob in the picture, working his tail off. Putting relationship aside I think we need to change the name of the town to Bobville.

Cynthia Beaver
Class of 1976
Hi to everyone. Is there any plans for a reunion in the future? I am glad to find this site.

Ronald Ryan
Class of 1980
Great page! I really miss the place(something i thought i would never say in high school)!

Rea Baker
Class of 1972
Attended Nell McGowan Jr. High; moved to Davenport IA, where I graduated from HS in 1972. Any way I can find info about Jim Patterson, class of '72 Knoxville HS? Thanks!

Mary Clark Galbraith
Class of 1965
Thank for all the hard work Ruby. I hope to see you in September!

Keith Loynachan
Class of 1951
Great Web site. Enjoyed all the class pictures, etc.

Stephanie Jones
Class of 1996
Was wondering if there has ever been a class reunion for Class of '96, and if not, would like to help plan one. In the future, I should be able to assist with fundraising activities, etc. I am currently beginning a new Non-Profit Organization called Global Alliance Against Child Abuse. I am proud to have been from Knoxville and still support Knoxville Panthers all the way!!!

Donna Coy-Mick
Class of 1966
Hi to all 65 & 66 classmates. Facebook has certainly shortened the miles. I retired from nursing & live in the "banana belt" of Colorado for now. My daughter Lisa & grandaughter want me to move back to Steamboat Springs, Co. & I am considering it if the housing market steadies out. I bought a victorian home here. I have a dog- still single & have fun in my mts. Thank you for this great site.

Carolyn (Jeffrey) Stoeckert
Class of 1984
I have not made it back to Knoxville in many years! But, thanks to FaceBook I have reunited with many of my classmates.. This is the first time on this website and it is very well put together... Thanks!

Bill LaHue
Class of 1963
Ruby, thank you for all your hard work on this site.

Kristian Jensen
Class of 1998
Happy to see the progress made to our school in recent years. I'm sure there's more to come before I make it back to Knoxville, but glad that this website is here to keep me a little more in the loop.

Margaret Skarsten
Class of 1954
I had the great privilage to attend the 2009 Homecoming and truly enjoyed riding on out "54" float and seeing the many Knoxville citizens turn out with pride. So, with that being said, I want to thank you for letting me relive it while viewing your many photos in Album selection. In addition, I am amazed with your thorough and impressive website that reflects interesting happenings in my beloved home town. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Judy Bailey
Class of 1966
Doing a good job Cuz.

Chuck Reeves
Class of 1964
I can't believe the number of hours that Ruby has put in on this site. Thank You so much .IT'S AWESOME !!!!

Doug Young
Class of 1981
What a great job everyone has done back home! I miss running on the only square/oval track in Iowa! I very much miss the smell of a Friday night on a damp October night at Panther Stadium! The smell of cigarette smoke, fallen leaves and football. What a great place to grow up!

Doug Nickerson
Class of 1975
I attended the 5 year reunion for the class of '75. Since then, I've lived in Wyoming & California & now back in Iowa. I've never had ANY luck trying to find out about other class reunions. I'd love to come to another one & see who else is a Grandpa!

Robert (Bob) Williams
Class of 1956
This is an awesome website. I'll come back here often.

Rob Miller

ken chism
Class of 1974 (not Knoxville, though!)
I haven't seen Marsha in decades, but noticed that she attended the Knoxville reunion. Wondering if you have an email address for her?

John Koonce
Class of 1968
Hello to all my old classmate. Get in touch if you get a chance.

Cara (Geery) Irving
Class of 1990
Just wanted to say that I am so thrilled to lend my support to my classmate, Bryan Schlotterback on his 100 AMAZING miles to support the S.O.S. project. I hope we can all remember to lend our support to preserving the great history of our stadium. If Brya

Class of 1984
Wow! So much has changed since I left for the military, all those years ago. This year will be the first reunion that I've been in the states for and will be able to attend! I'm thrilled to be coming home and to catch up with as many as I can! I hope this

Dale & Susan (Isley) Leeper
Class of 1973
35th class reunion is this year. I hope something is being planned. Hope to get back for the celebration and to see lots of people. Would love to hear from you!

treasa coxe
Class of 1976
really glad to have this link. it's nice to read what's going on in knoxville. really glad to have this link. it's nice to read what's going on in knoxville.

Fern Marie Orcutt
Class of 1962
Good to see work being on Ken Locke Field getting under way. My Brother Jerry Orcutt was in the crowd the night Ken Locke was killed they were good friends played basketball together.

Kathy (Radcliff) Pregon
Class of 1991
Way to go S.O.S.!! Never underestimate the power of a small group..."A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead




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